New Dellorto DHLA Carburetors
New Dellorto DHLA Carburetors

New Dellorto Carburetors

On this page you will find brand new and New-Old-Stock Dellorto carburetors.

Please note that the N-O-S ones were produced in the 1970s and have been stored ever since.

New Dellorto Carburetors

New-Old-Stock Pair of Dellorto DHLA 40 carburetors

New-Old-Stock Pair of Dellorto DHLA 40 carburetors

Here we have a restorer's dream!

This is a brand new, never used, matched pair of Dellorto DHLA40 carbs.

This is a New-Old-Stock set that had never been out of the box.

This set was ordered in the 1970's by a, now long defunct, Alfa Romeo parts dealer, were shelved and never saw the light of day again until very recently.

This set comes in its original Dellorto box with original Dellorto Tape and original Dellorto label.

The original plastic bags had to be opened for the first time in over 40 years in order to be able to take the photographs.

The set was produced for Alfa Romeo"s 1300 series cars i.e. the Spider 1300 Junior and the Coupe GT 1300 Junior. These were later also used on the Junior Zagato 1300 and Giulia 1300 Super.

As these carburettors have no suffix but are "plain" DHLA40's and have the black plastic jet covers, we guestimate the production to be early 1975 thus making them "pre-emission production".

These can not be compared to restored or refreshed carburettors as everything on them is exactly as they left the factory over 40 years ago.

They have been dry-stored all these years so there are absolutely no traces of rust or oxidization whatsoever.

The photographs are of the actual set that is up for sale here.

The aluminum tags carry number 5208 (for the rear carb) and 5209 (for the front carb).

Chronologically speaking, this was only the 4th set-up of carburetors that Dellorto ever produced for Alfa Romeo!

Although jetted for 1300 engines, we can supply all the parts to jet them to your requirements.

The current set-up is:

  • Choke: 28 mm
  • Auxiliary Venturi: 7848.1
  • Main jet: 110
  • Idle jet: 48
  • Pump Jet: 33
  • Choke jet: 70
  • Main Emulsion Tube: 5
  • Choke Emulsion Tube: 1
  • Air Corrector: 200
  • Idle Emulsion Tube: 1
  • Needle Valve: 150
  • Float: 3

Only 1 set available at this moment but ready to ship.

Please note that this set is not cheap but comes exactly as in the pictures complete with original bags, box etc.

Price on application.
Please contact us by email for a quotation.

New-Old-Stock Pair of Dellorto DHLA 40 carburetors